Clipping and Masking

These two features are both employed in the same way: put the object that will serve as clip (or mask) above the object that you want to clip (or mask). Then select both objects, and use Object ‣ Clip ‣ Set or Object ‣ Mask ‣ Set. The top object will then become invisible and work to hide parts of the bottom object.

Clips and masks give different results. A clip allows you to hide all parts of the bottom object that are outside the clip object. The colors of a mask object affect the opacity of the bottom object. The darker and the more transparent the mask, the more transparent the masked object will become. A white mask works just like a clip.

Original object

The object we want to clip and mask

Both paths

The path for clipping (and masking) has been positioned above the head of the griffin.

Result of clipping and masking

On the left, the griffin’s head was clipped with the circle. On the right, the circle was used as a mask.