Cloning Objects

Large create clone icon Alt + D Edit ‣ Clone ‣ Create Clone

You can save yourself some time when you know how to use clones. With Alt + D, a clone can be created just as quickly as a copy or a duplicate. One only needs to remember that the option exists.

The new clone will appear right on top of the original, and will follow all modifications made on the original, no matter if they affect its style (stroke, fill,…) or its shape.

The clone’s shape cannot be edited directly. Its colors can only be changed if the original has no color itself. Its size and rotation can be changed freely.


To remove a color from an object, you must ‘unset’ its paint, using the question mark button Unset color icon in the Fill and Stroke dialog.

The left, selected object is a clone of the right object.

All these stars are clones of the star in the top left corner. They have the same color and shape, but different sizes and rotations. Note that the selected clone does not have any star tool handles.

To turn a clone into an independent, fully editable object, you need to unlink it from its original with Shift + Alt + D, Edit ‣ Clone ‣ Unlink Clone or by clicking on the corresponding icon Unlink clone icon in the command bar.

To select the original of a clone, you can press Shift + D or use Edit ‣ Clone ‣ Select Original in the menu.