Copying a Color

There are several ways to apply the same style to multiple objects:

  • Selecting multiple objects: select all the objects whose color you want to change (hold Shift and click, or drag a selection box around them), then open the Fill and Stroke dialog, select a color. It will be applied to all selected objects automatically.

  • Use the Dropper tool: select an object, then activate the Dropper tool by clicking on its icon Dropper tool icon, then click on the canvas, on an area where it has the color that you want to apply. The selected object’s color will change accordingly.

  • Copy the complete style of an object to apply it to another object: select the object, copy it to the clipboard with Ctrl + C, then select the second object and paste only the style with Shift + Ctrl + V. This not only copies the fill and stroke color, but also the stroke width and style, a text’s font style and any patterns or gradients.